FAIST commitment to improving employee motivation

We at FAIST Light Metals are striving for an engaged workforce as we believe it is the foundation of a successful and permanently highly performing company.

For this reason, in these days, the 2019 Employee Engagement Survey has been launched. From 12th to 25th of June all employees will be asked to express their opinion, answering a questionnaire.

This is the third edition of a global survey, done in all FLM locations. The first engagement survey took place in 2015 in China, as per a customer request.

Since then we developed our model and use it in all plants in our business unit and it is done every 2 years. The survey is an opportunity to help shape the future of FAIST Light Metals while improving employees’ experience working here – teamwork, customer service, recognition, development, etc. Just as we solicit our customers for their input regarding our service, the employee engagement survey will help us better understand how we’re doing from the perspective of our people.

We encourage an honest feedback from all our employees, as it will help our decision makers to take adequate actions to continuously help FAIST Light Metals to be a great company to work with.

All managerial levels are involved and committed in this process, our number one management priority is our people!

The survey is the first step of a longer process, because all the aggregated results will be deeply analysed centrally and locally and in each location an action plan will be launched, based on the outcomes of the survey.

It’s important to get feedback from our employees but it’s even more important to put in place actions to improve these aspects that the respondents sees as areas of improvement.

The survey data collection and analysis of all the questionnaires will be executed by a third party in an absolute confidential way to protect the anonymity of all participants.

We will be happy to share with you the results, once they will be collected and aggregated.