In sailing, as in providing solutions, diversity and teamwork are key to succeed.

We don’t have one technology, but many. We don’t have one location, but many. And we are aware that one’s knowhow alone is not enough: what makes us special is the culture of sharing experiences to promote a plurality of possibilities, for our employees, for our partners and for our company.

Reduced Time-to-Market

We support our clients in developing their products at all stages from concept to mass production. Providing a range of integrated technologies, processes and capabilities, including product design, process development and product validation, we help our clients to reduce time-to-market.


We cannot say we are a low-cost supplier. However, value engineering, innovation, flexibility and synergy, make us a very effective partner. Our clients benefit in the most productive way, which is through our engineering expertise, our industry experience and knowledge.

Customised Solutions

We provide an environment that is beneficial to the customers, allowing them to achieve their objectives, through the application of the optimal technological solutions available.

Global Opportunity

As a global dynamic supplier, with localised operations and management, we are able to support our clients to minimise risks by co-designing the development processes, and delivering manufacturing services at the point of use.

Human Touch

Trust and respect are important for us and we encourage our people to come up with ideas and solutions, thanks to a very simple hierarchy and an open-door philosophy, which is casual but at the same time disciplined and creates a culture of openness.

How do we make all these benefits real?

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