Supported by our experience, we look forward to the challenges to come

A mind is like a parachute, it does not work if it isn’t open. We nurture the best talents in the market promoting a hand-on approach, a no barrier policy and freedom of action, giving them the possibility to realize their own potential.

Why Choose FAIST

We are always interested in talking to qualified and experienced people. However, we think the best way to connect with people is by being the company they are looking for. So what do we offer to our employees?

Balance: family always comes first

Despite the growth of the organization, we maintain our focus on people as the most important resource, many of whom have worked for the company since the beginning. We recognize the importance of human relationships and two-way flexibility.

When it comes to work we are tireless explorers

Innovations don't happen in a day but every day is a good day to start one. We like people who are “seekers” of “a better way to do it”, people who are open to change. We support dedication and welcome innovation.

I've seen things that others haven't seen

Ambitious talents are excited to join us mainly because of the variety of technologies they can put their hands on. The multiplicity of industries and countries we operate in, enhances the knowledge and the capabilities we are able to share every day.

Security and stability are important too

It’s not only the company that invests in its people, the people need to be prepared to invest in the company. Those who join us seeking a career can be assured by the longevity and the stability of our company.

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