A journey to undertake together

We aim to create long-term value and focus on safeguarding the environment and the communities in which we are active. The health and safety of the people who work with and for us, respect for human rights, ethics and transparency are paramount.

We promotes a broad portfolio of initiatives for local communities in those Countries in which it operates with the aim of producing a positive impact over the long term

Respecting people

Here at FAIST we believe in people, who represent the main reason for our success. People first is not just a slogan for us, but it is a value that defines our approach to everything we do. This is why we place an important emphasis on our internal organisation, and on the growth of single people who work at FAIST. The achievement of the individual implies the success of the whole group.

Saving the environment

Saving the environment and its resources has always been an area on which we have focused our attention, giving rise to continual and constant commitment. It’s a focus which is tangible in every single process within the group, and which is portrayed in our activities and goals. We are convinced that this is the only way to generate shared values for current and above all, for future, generations.

Code of Conduct

This Code is a collection of regulations addressed to every single member of FAIST Holdings, to be used in promoting attitudes and behaviours based on ethics, appropriateness and respect for both the environment and future generations.

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Global vision, local mission

We are aware of the importance and the effects which our business activities and our choices have on the local communities where FAIST operates. This is a commitment which cannot be underestimated and that brings us into close contact with those communities, creating employment opportunities and being ready to give support where necessary. We are truly proud to be part of local community networks.

We believe in education

The future of manufacturing companies is dependent on the right training and growth of future generations. We are so convinced of this that we commit to the support of schools and universities via an internship programme, which is vital for providing the new generations improved experiences and prepare them for employment.

Dialogue with institutions

Open dialogue with institutions in the various countries we operate in is vital for creating opportunities and positive consequences for all the stakeholders involved. Collaboration is part of our DNA and is the reason why we continue with this approach, absolutely certain that great things come from working together.

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