Our Business Units

To support our global partners with the proper degree of attention and dedicated expertise, FAIST Group is structured with centrally controlled, operationally independent Business Units.

Each BU has the autonomy needed to be flexible and fast in every operation and at the same time can benefit from the synergy with the other BUs


FAIST Industrial BU designs and supplies high quality metal stamping, injection molding components, chassis, enclosures and assemblies for the renewable energies, electronics, telecom, IT and industrial markets.

Control Systems

FAIST Control Systems BU is specialised in developing and manufacturing of actuators, valves, components and assemblies for turbo chargers, emission control devices, as well as high-quality patented or licensed components and assemblies for the automotive market.

Light Metals

FAIST Light Metals BU deals with high quality aluminium die casting, precision machining and surface plating of components and assemblies for the telecom, automotive, electronics and industrial markets.

Truck Bodies

Truck Bodies BU operates in the manufacturing of high quality industrial bodies for light and medium weight trucks, such as one-way and three-way tippers, floats, tarp hoops, aluminium box bodies, minibuses and special purpose conversions, as well as the manufacturing of special cab protections for station wagons and sport utility vehicles.


Electronics BU design and produce turn-key best-in-class electronic devices, BMS/EMS, power electronics and Li-ion battery packs and energy storage systems for automotive and energy applications.

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