Distribution of 5G in cities and Countries worldwide

A study conducted by Viavi Solutions in February of 2021 highlighted the exponential growth in the number of cities in which 5G networks are available.

Commercial 5G is now available in 1.336 cities in 61 countries across the world, equal to an increase of 350% on 2020 data, when there were just 376 cities which possessed this technology.

A sharp increase, despite the current pandemic, which allows us to presume on a positive trend for the years to come.

The top 10 nations

5G is nowadays present in 30% of world nations, with a, roughly speaking, equal distribution across the 3 main world zones: Americas, Asia and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

At the head of the table of nations with the most 5G networks is China, followed by the USA and South Korea.

Italy is in 8th position, with 35 cities.

The cities with the fastest 5g

Despite respectively taking the first and second places of the nations with the most cities equipped with 5G technology, neither China nor the USA get into the top ten of another equally important top 10 table.

The table in question lists those cities with the fastest connections.

According to measurements take by Opensignal, the top 10 table regards the fastest 5G networks looks like this:

It is fascinating to note the absence, as we mentioned above, of Chinese and American cities in the table, and also to note that only three of the top ten cities are capitals (Riyadh, Tokyo and Dublin).

Cities that do gain places are big and important business hubs, notably Dubai, Zurich and Barcelona.

The nations with the fastest 5G

On a national level, the 5G experience trends positive, both in terms of download and upload.

Even in this instance however, we note the absence in the 5G speed rankings of China and the USA.

South Korea again heads the table for 5G download speed but on this occasion Taiwan skips to the top of the table for 5G upload speeds.

Japan is highly placed both for 5G download (231.5 Mbps) and in download with 5G peaking at 856.5 Mbps.

In Europe, whilst Finland has the highest average 5G download speeds at 219.5 Mbps, The Netherlands have the highest average upload speeds in Europe at 34.7 Mbps, whilst Greece, Spain and Switzerland all have the highest 5G download peak speeds.

This interesting set of data lets us very hopeful, as we are looking forward to a more widespread and open access to this technology in the years to come.