Ethics and business values: FAIST Holdings champions a Code of Conduct

The acceptance of shared rules which promote cooperation, respect for current regulations and correct behaviour are vital steps to ensure a positive environment which is focused on achieving significant results.

This is the basis on which the FAIST Holdings Code of Conduct is built. It centres around shared values and behaviours which all FAIST Group members are called upon to act on.

Company values, historically based on transparency and honesty, are the cornerstones of this Code. It is the assembly of shared principles, which, implemented entirely respecting the legislative rulings of every single country within which FAIST operates, create a company vision focused on widespread ethical conduct and collaboration.

Furthermore, the Code of Conduct intends to reflect those values expressed in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” cited by the United Nations (UN) and included in the International Labor Organization (ILO) regulations.

Thus, we fully intend to operate within the confines of the Group’s principles and regulations. It is for this reason that FAIST’s board has approved the following document, desirous of positively influencing all members of the board, FAIST Holdings managers and those of its subsidiaries, and employees (be they full-time or part-time).

Development, innovation, leading-edge technology and much more. Innovation grows from the foundations, out of community values. This is how we build a future, and this is how FAIST invests in upcoming generations.

Consult and download the Code of Conduct.