The importance and the role of automotive suppliers

Even though motor vehicles are typically sold in the form of recognised brands, practically all vehicle manufacturers limit themselves to designing and building vehicle parts or groups of components, the most part of which come from outside suppliers.

Vehicle spare parts which are probably manufactured by automotive supply businesses include exteriors, interiors and air-conditioning components, electric and electronic devices, chassis and engines.

This means creating relationships with suppliers right across the globe, which all interact within a complex and synergetic system.

The technological challenges of the sector

In the light of growing environmental awareness and an increasing desire to connect vehicles to the Internet, automotive suppliers face a new set of challenges.

One of these, to which we devoted a previous article on our blog, is the transition to using lighter materials.

To this, we can add the increasingly widespread demand for electrical vehicles and alternatively-fuelled engines, which are destined to truly shake-up the automotive industry.

We forecast that the automotive suppliers will answer the challenges of the changing market by increasing R&D expenses.

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