5G smartphone subscriptions worldwide to hit one billion in 2022

In just two years the diffusion of 5G globally has almost doubled, present in 70 countries as compared to just 38 in 2020.

According for forecasts, this astounding growth should continue, reaching one billion sign-ups for 5G subscriptions by the end of 2022, after only 3.5 years of market presence, compared to 4 years for 4G and 12 years for 3G.

5G diffusion across the world

The following graph shows in dark blue the countries in which 5G networks have already been launched, those where they have been implemented but are not yet completed (in light blue), and the countries where substantial investments have been made in this technology are in green.

Infographic: Where 5G Technology Has Been Deployed | Statista

The areas which already have 5G available are most of Europe, Australia, North America, Canada and almost all Latin American countries, Asia and the Arabian peninsula.

South Korea is the country which set-up the first 5G network and will probably continue to lead in terms of market penetration of this technology. By 2025, almost 60% of mobile subscriptions in South Korea should be adopting 5G networks.

A network launch for India is set for next year.

5G networks are also being set-up in Russia, Central America and several African states.

The 5G market will reach a value of 131 billion dollars in 2030.

The most recent surveys conducted on the 5G infrastructure market at a global level indicate a market value growth from 0.83 billion dollars in 2020 to 131.4 billion by 2030.

As of 2022 therefore, a CAGR of 68% is forecast right up until 2030, confirming the transformation of 5G to the status of the next telecommunications technology, just as happened in the past with 4G.

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