What the green transition entails for FAIST CPS

A transition strategy is needed to manage the shift from traditionally fuelled combustion engines towards a zero-emission automotive industry.

Such strategy should focus on developing new green and digital technologies, reskilling the workforce, and supporting the most affected regions, also through an adequate assessment of the impact of such developments.

We spoke about this transition with Gianni Di Dalmazio, CEO of FAIST’s CPS Business Unit, which will be renamed, with effect from the start of 2024.

Could you share with us the motivation behind this significant name change?

The name change reflects an important phase in our evolution. We are aware of the profound changes in the automotive sector, where we continue seeing an increasing focus on alternatively powered vehicles and advanced control systems. We felt the name “FAIST Control Systems” best captured our current mission and vision.

How did this strategic renaming process develop?

The process was long and careful. We have attentively analysed our role in the rapidly evolving automotive market. Our heritage in control and propulsion systems is unquestionable, but we wanted our name to reflect our diversification and commitment to more sustainable technologies. We involved stakeholders, industry experts and our own employees in this strategic reflection process.

What is the meaning behind the term "Control Systems"?

The term "Control Systems" represents our expansion beyond internal combustion engines. We would like to point out that we are specialists in advanced control systems driving different assemblies fitted to a wide range of vehicles, including electric and hybrid vehicles. It is, in a nutshell, a clear statement of our will to be an integral part of the future of mobility.

How has this change been received by customers?

We are extremely grateful for the positive response we have received. Our customers and partners have recognized our willingness to adapt and innovate. Such encouragement pushes us to pursue our vision with even more determination.

What is the role of sustainability and innovation in this transformation?

Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of our identity. We want to be a leader in the design of smart control systems that contribute to more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. The transition to cleaner propulsion technologies is an integral part of our strategy, and we intend to be leaders in creating a more sustainable future.

What are the next steps for Control Systems?

Next steps include accelerating research and development for advanced technologies, collaborating with strategic partners and expanding our expertise in emerging industries. We want to keep up to date with the evolution of the industry and continue to offer cutting-edge solutions.

Thank you so much for your availability and for sharing this news with us. Good luck for the future of FAIST Control Systems!

Thanks to all our readers. We are enthusiastic about the path ahead of us and look to the future with great optimism.