FAIST Group whistleblowing platform

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/2023, the companies belonging to FAIST Group have established internal reporting channels that allow whistleblowing reporting, even anonymously.

«Whistleblowing» is the report made by a person who, in the work context, becomes aware of violations of national or European Union regulations that harm the public interest or the integrity of the company. 

When making a report, it is recommended to select the Company to which you want to address the report, selecting the correct link below.



FAIST Holding and the Group companies encourage reporting, made in good faith, of behaviours, acts or omissions of which the whistleblower became aware during the course of his work, which harm the public interest or the integrity of the Company , among which:

  • administrative, accounting, civil or criminal offences;
  • offenses relating to financial services/products and markets, money laundering, public health, consumer protection, protection of personal data or financial interests and the EU internal market;
  • irregularities that could cause, in the context of relationships with the company, damage of any kind or a violation of principles, values and/or regulations promoted by the Company. 

FAIST therefore adopts all necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of the people who report, and, in a spirit of collaboration and mutual trust, guarantees maximum transparency and protection towards workers and stakeholders.

FAIST aims to encourage its employees and all those who relate to the Company to report any irregular behaviour in a secure and internal manner, thus promoting ethical behaviour and a widespread culture at all company levels based on transparency, clarity and integrity.

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