Emulsion Recovery System

At FAIST Mekatronik continuous improvement is a constant issue. Each day our company strives to be better and offer the very best products to our customers, analysing every single process and looking for opportunities to improve products and make them more cost effective. One of the challenges our Group faced in 2018 was the high cost of emulsion utilised for Die Casting Machines (DCM). FAIST engineers researched the various options and at the end of June 2018, gradually began to implement an emulsion recovery system for all Die Casting Machines (DCM). By the end of the year, the system was fully implemented for 12 out of 14 DCM.

How does the system work? All the emulsion that is sprayed to the mould and does not evaporate drains into a tank under the mould. From this tank, the emulsion is separated from impurities and oil. Via a pump, the emulsion is removed to another filter tank, and via gravity is mixed with pure emulsion. This mix (both recuperated and pure emulsion) is carried out using a 1:1 proportion and afterwards, it is sprayed into the mould. This process was implemented at the end of June, and it immediately started to produce visible results in terms of cost efficiency. At the end of the year, the total cost saving was over 350 000 EUR. Big thanks go to all FAIST Mekatronic Die Casting engineering team members involved in the process.